Cryptachaea meraukensis Chrysanthus 1963

Cryptachaea meraukensis is a species described by Chrysanthus from a specimen collected in New Guinea in 1960s. The Queensland Museum has also recorded it from Queensland. Females up to 3mm body length. males smaller, around 2mm. Merauke is a town in New Guinea (the Indonesian side of the island, so West Papua). The suffix 'ensis' denotes place. The spider was probably collected at Merauke or thereabouts.

From side, body length about 2mm

Achaearanea meraukensis
Photo: Robert Whyte

Female, shiny, facing

achaearanea sp
Photo: Robert Whyte

Female, shiny, side view

Achaearanea sp
Photo: Robert Whyte

Male, orange

Achaearanea sp cf Shield plates 60 and 61
Photo: Robert Whyte


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