PHOLCIDAE Daddy long-legs

Spiders with small bodies and very long, slender legs, mostly found inside houses and other constructions where they build untidy webs.

Holocnemus pluchei

Holocnemus pluchei (Scopoli, 1763) The "Other" Daddy Long-legs
This is a Mediterranean species which like Pholcus phalangioides has spread throughout the world with humans. Because it resembles the more... 


Pholcid with eggs and young
These spiders, including Pholcus phalangioides often carry their eggsacs by their mouths as they develop into spiderlings. These are ready to... 


Pholcus phalangioides Daddy Long-legs
Female body length 9 mm, male 8 mm. Usually in a thin, tangled web attached to ceilings and upper walls of rooms, sheds and caves.  

Pholcus sp.

Pholcus sp Venman Park Bushland
A Pholcus collected on an escursion to Venman Park Bushland, October 2010.  


Pholcus species
A small black and white Pholcus from Mount Glorious. 

Smeringopus natalensis

Smeringopus natalensis Lawrence, 1947 Natal's Daddy Long-legs
Lawrence, when describing this African species, (which he felt was only slightly differrent from Smeringopus elongatus, Smeringopus pallidus and Smeringopus lesnei) noted it was common in buildings. Up to five or six webs are arranged in corners of rooms in tiers one above the... 

Trichocyclus arabana  Huber 2001 Arabana Trichocyclus

Trichocyclus arabana Huber 2001 Arabana Trichocyclus
Trichocyclus is noted for its unparalleled success and affinity for desert environments where it can be found under and between rocks, at the... 

Trichocyclus nigropunctatus

Trichocyclus nigropunctatus Simon, 1908 Cellar Spider
Trichocyclus is the dominant or only pholcid genus in most areas of Western and South Australia and the Northern Territory. Trichocyclus nigropunctatus is restricted to the central coast and hinterland of Western Australia. Trichocyclus is related to several genera that... 

Wugigarra kaurna

Wugigarra kaurna Huber, 2001 Mt Lofty Wugigarra
This is the largest of the Wugigarra spp. the others being small to tiny. Males and females are similar, nearly 5mm in body length and found... 


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