The Hahniidae are small spiders, body length up to about about 2 mm. They build extremely delicate sheet webs with no retreat. They are often found in leaf litter and detritus or on the leaves of shrubs and trees near waterways. They are recognizable having six spinnerets in a transverse row across the rear of the abdomen. The last segment of the outer spinnerets is quite long and stands out beyond the others. The family is named after the type genus Hahnia, in honour of German zoologist Carl Wilhelm Hahn. Because of their small size there are very few described species, so much so that in Australia they are only officially known from Tasmania and Victoria, although they are sure to be widespread.


Hahniid Spider Southeast Queensland Hahniid Q55
A small Hahniid, less than 1mm, has a mostly translucent body with a pattern of wavy dark lines. The abdomen is somewhat pea- to pear-shaped... 


Hahniid Spider Southeast Queensland Hahniid Q56
Another small Hahniid, body length less than 1mm. This specimen appears to be blotchy with black pigmentation quite hairy underneath with the obvious... 

Scotospilus Hahniidae

Scotospilus is a hahniid genus found in eastern Australia from at least on the NSW central coast to Tasmania including Flinders Island. It is... 


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