The Australian genera of the Mastophorinae include Celaenia and Ordgarius.

Caelaenia distincta

Celaenia calotoides Rainbow, 1908
This article follows the progress, in captivity, of a female of Celaenia calotoides. The spider was kept alive in a "vivarium" after being taken from... 

Celaenia dubia

Celaenia dubia (O. P.-Cambridge, 1869) False Bird Dropping Spider
A medium to large spider which, according to its describer, was not very successful at looking like a bird dropping, found in most types of forest in... 

Celaenia excavata

Celaenia excavata L. Koch, 1867 Bird Dropping Spider
This spider resembles a bird dropping, a protective camouflage during the day. It is one of the larger bird-dropping spiders with the females growing... 

Ordgarius magnificus

Ordgarius magnificus (Rainbow, 1897) Magnificent Spider
A bolas spider with the female much larger than the male, in forest habitats in eastern New South Wales and southern Queenland. Females are 10 to 14... 


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