HEXATHELIDAE Bymainiella et al

Hexathelidae until recently had the medically important funnelweb spiders of Australia, Atrax, Hadronyche and Illawarra which were moved to their own family Atracidae. Remaining in Hexathelidae as of late 2021 are Bymainiella, Hexathele, Mediothele, Paraembolides, Plesiothele, Scotinoecus and Teranodes.

Bymainiella lugubris, female, Coramba NSW

Barbara York Main's Funnelweb is usually found in eastern Australia. There are four known species: Bymainiella lugubris, Bymainiella... 

male, Dangar island, NSW


Plesiothele fentoni

Plesiothele fentoni
Plesiothele is a monotypic genus of Australian funnel-web spiders containing the single species, Plesiothele fentoni. It was first... 

Teranodes sp. nov, female, Bago NSW


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