Gallieniellids are medium-sized spiders, body length 4-8mm, found in tropical rainforest, temperate rainforest, open eucalyptus forest and semi-arid areas throughout mainland Australia. The cephalothorax is oval, or pear-shaped, with a squarish leading edge. They have 8 eyes in two rows. Viewed face on, the front row is straight, or slightly downcurved.The abdomen is oval, or triangular. Legs I and IV are longer than legs II and III, and legs have 2 claws. Gallieniellids can easily be distinguished from other gnaphosoids by the elongated, mygalomorph-like chelicerae bearing long, longitudinally oriented fangs. The family was originally thought to be endemic to Madagascar but representatives were subsequently found in other southern hemisphere continents including Australia.


Meedo gympie
This gallieniellid is named for the type locality. It is a fast running rare spider found in leaf litter in south-east QLD. ♀ 6 mm... 


Meedo sp. A Gallienellid
Adam Parsons from Hilltop NSW found this Meedo sp. in his garden.  

Gallieniellidae Meedo

Meedo sp. A Gallienellid
Discovered at the World Science Festival with Robert Raven. We had Dolomedes briangreenei on display in his goldfish bowl. Children by the... 


Oreo muncoonie Platnick, 2002 Lake Muncoonie Oreo
These gallieniellids are small spiders with 8 eyes in two straight or almost straight rows, The name Oreo comes from the black and white... 

Gallieniellidae Oreo renmarki Lake Broadwater via Dalby

Oreo renmarki Platnick, 2002 Renmark Oreo
This is the type species for the Oreo genus. The name Oreo comes from the black and white cookie of that name, referring to the black... 

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