Tetragnathids are elongated spiders with long legs and chelicerae weaving small orb webs with an open hub and few, wide-set radii and spirals. The common names 4-jawed spiders and long-jawed spiders are problematic, so we tend to refer to them as Tetragnathids. (The genus Nephila,a golden orb weaver, named after the golden tint of its silk, has been separated into its own family, Nephilidae.)

Leucauge decorata

Leucauge decorata (Walckenaer, 1841) Decorative Silver Orb Spider
A medium to large, slender orb weaver with a silver back or upper surface of the abdomen and a striped green underneath of the abdomen, a long separation between the spinerets and the rear end of the abdomen, found in low vegetation, often grasses, from about 30cm to 2m above the ground in a... 

Tetragnatha decorata

Leucauge dromedaria (Thorell, 1881) Humped Silver Orb Spider
The Humped Silver Orb Spider ranges from about Maryborough QLD south to Tasmania and New Zealand. The orb web in spaces between shrubs is typically being slanted (often nearly horizontal) rather than vertical. The spider rests under the centre of the web with its underside facing upwards, head... 

Tetragnatha granulata

Leucauge granulata (Walckenaer, 1841) Roughened Silver Orb Spider
This is a northern species, common in NT and north QLS. Essentially it is the northern version of Leucauge dromedaria. It has less obvious humps, and is less silvery and shiny than Leucauge dromedaria being rather grainy as the name suggests. It has largely been misidentified as... 


Mesida argentiopunctata (Rainbow, 1916) Silver-spotted Mesida
A pretty rainforest species, common all along the Queensland coast in lush vegetation. Not often noticed because of its small size, especially the... 


Nanometa sp.
Nanometa has one described species in Australia N. gentilis Simon 1908 but researchers have referred to an undescribed South East Queensland... 


Tetragnatha demissa
Tetragnatha demissa typically builds a small roughly circular web near water. Also found lying along dead twigs or strands of fencing wire with not... 


Tetragnatha nitens?
Tetragnatha sp. Long-jawed Spiders (also known as Four-jawed Spiders) have enlarged jaws (chelicerae and fangs). They build horizontal or inclined... 

Tetragnatha rubriventris

Tetragnatha rubriventris Doleschall, 1857 Red-bellied Long-jawed Spider
The species name means red underneath but this is not particularly diagnostic, many are thus endowed. More helpful is the eye arrangement. In this... 


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