Nanometa sp.

Nanometa has one described species in Australia N. gentilis Simon 1908 but researchers have referred to an undescribed South East Queensland species in rainforest, possibly the species shown here, although several are likely. The 'Nanometa clade' containing Pinkfloydia is routinely referred to as present when discussing Tetragnathidae. Thanks to Professor Gustavo Hormiga, of George Washington University, for identification of this specimen.

Male 11810 Mt Glorious from above

Photo: Dr Greg Anderson

Male 9810 Mt Glorious in alcohol

Note: All fauna and flora in State forests, conservation reserves and National Parks are protected and must not be interfered with or collected without a permit.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Male 9810 Mt Glorious in alcohol underneath, showing palps

Photo: Robert Whyte


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