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"A field Guide to the Spiders of Australia" (CSIRO Publishing) by Robert Whyte & Greg Anderson, is now available for pre-order HERE.

Phidippus audax

Phidippus audax (Hentz, 1845) Audacious Jumper
Finding this species in Norman Park, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, is unusual because it is a North American spider. 

Adoxotoma nitida

Adoxotoma nitida Sparkling Black Jumping Spider
Adoxotoma may contain more than one genus, further study is needed. 

Abracadabrella sp. nov.

Abracadabrella sp. nov. Could this be a new Abracadabrella sp.?
A small somewhat flattened rather hairy jumper from Darwin, with colours and patterning like an Abracadabrella sp. but without the two large rounded black spots on the rear characteristic of Abracadabrella. Maybe it is something else. A new genus perhaps. 

Spiderbook Cover

Field Guide to Spiders of Australia
This site is the web version of A field guide to Spiders of Australia by Robert Whyte and Greg Anderson for CSIRO Publishing, the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published. 

Salticidae Psenuc courti

Psenuc courti (Zabka, 2002) Court's Stridulating Jumping Spider
Psenuc is a new genus for some of the jumping spiders previously in Afraflacilla and Pseudicius

Afraflacilla grayorum

Afraflacilla grayorum Żabka, 1993 Grays' Stridulating Jumping Spider
An impressive male with long hairs on a rather massive first leg. 


Quinkan Bush Blitz
Kathy McLeish's ABC Online story about the new Bush Blitz spiders 

Robert Whyte on The Project, Channel 10

The Project
Talking about spider genitals 

New Jumpers from the north
From the Quinkan Country Bush Blitz 6-17 March the northern-most record of a Peacock Spider, a new species, and a new Jotus sp. reminiscent of the type species for the genus, Jotus auripes.

Peacock Spider

'Natsboy' the Northern Peacock Spider

Jotus aff auripes

'Rockmebaby' a new Jotus with bright orange arms.

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