Tharrhalea (Lehtinelagia) evanida

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If you have a spider photo but don't know what it is, try joining the Australian Arachnid Photography Facebook group . It's a closed group so you will have to be approved which is quick. It's the best ID portal online with many top experts.

Robert Whyte

Spiders of Australia
A field guide to Spiders of Australia CSIRO Publishing 2017-18, by Robert Whyte and Greg Anderson, is the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published, 468 pages, 1350 images, 78 families 381 genera and 836 species. Copies signed by both authors are available for $50 each (including postage). 

Huntstman in Australian Synchrotron

Synchrotron Spiders
Have you ever wondered what elements make up a spider? Scroll down to see images from the Australian Synchrotron taken by Dr. Daryl Howard who scanned a whole Huntsman Spider using the X-ray fluorescence elemental mapping technique. The Australian Synchrotron had recently commissioned some new parts and needed a test sample to make sure things were set up properly. Daryl spotted this Huntsman (on the floor, dead) and thought it would be interesting to analyse, and if everything was working OK. 

Lehtnelagia evanida

Can you help Wikipedia?
Ultimately, Wikipedia , or its successor, will be the world's most important, relevant, accurate and complete online library and encyclopedia. Maybe it already is. It makes sense. It's the only one not 'owned' by a corporation. You, like anyone else, can help improve wikipedia pages, especially with spider images. If you have a spider image for which you have positive, certain ID, why not upload it to somewhere on Wikipedia which will help other people ID it. Starting points are Spiders of Australia and List of common spider species of Australia

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