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This site is a working draft for "A field Guide to the Spiders of Australia" by Robert Whyte and Greg Anderson for CSIRO Publishing due to be published in 2017. As images and sightings get added, we'll tell you here. Please let us know if you spot any errors.

Mygalomorphae Idiopidae Arbanitis longipes

Longlegged Trapdoor Spider
Thanks to Jürgen Haider for the Mudgeeraba female shown on this page. 

Ant Mimic

Ant or spider?
Ant Mimics are fascinating examples of nature's extraordinary powers of adaptation. Use the keyword search (top right) to discover more.

Oxyopidae Oxyopes punctatus

The elusive Lynx
Like a mountain cat the Lynx spider pounces on its prey with a prodigious leap, grappling the victim in a death embrace. This is one of the barely known species. 

Checklist of Australian Spiders, 2014
compiled by Volker Framenau, Australasian Arachnological Society, 3,634 species, 653 genera, 80 families. 

Hoggicosa bicolor

Hoggicosa bicolor group
Two impressive animals in this group added thanks to Mark Newton. 

Myrmarachne luctuosa

Myrmarachne luctuosa
Widespread and common ant mimic in coastal and inland eastern Australia, including Tasmania, in several distinct forms. 

Salticidae Myrmarachne bicolor

Myrmarachne bicolor
Newly identified specimens of a northern ant mimic. ♀5mm ♂ 4.5mm 


Eye Charts 6.5MB PDF
Eye patterns of some Australian Araneomorphs 

Coremiocnemis tropix

Coremiocnemis tropix Brush Tarantula
Thanks to Roger Farrow who took this photo in the Daintree rainforest we now have an image of Australia's only Coremiocnemis

Liocranidae Oedignatha scrobiculata

Hoot! Hoot! New family for our site!
Thanks to Dr. Robert Raven for bringing us an Oedignatha from the NT. Our first representative from family Liocranidae. 

Neon australis Richardson, 2013

Australian Neon
A Eureka moment for a genus newly recorded in Australia in 2013. 

Afraflacilla stridulator

Afraflacilla stridulator
First example of this fascinating jumping spider genus in subfamily Pseudiciinae. We have more examples coming soon. 

Maraus amabilis

Peacock Spiders
Jurgen Otto has been discovering and naming more stunning Peacock Spiders. 

Arkys cornutus

Arkys cornutus
This is an ambush hunter, active on foliage at night, an orb weaver that has abandoned its web for wait-and-pounce style hunting. 

Cerydera cursitans

Prowling Inland Spider
A slender, vividly patterned, swift-running ground spider in Central to Western Australia. 


Opisthoncus squint
A small, yet to be described, Opisthoncus species. 


Evarcha infrastriata
The tiny male has an attractively-striped, bright-orange head. 

Thomisus spectabilis male and F

Thomisus spectabilis with large prey
The spectacular Crab Spider is renowned for taking down large prey. See these pics from Malcolm Tattersall and check out his blog 

Missulena bradleyi

Missulena bradleyi
Bradley's Mouse Spider is is the most common and widespread Mouse Spider, but not the most colourful. The females are large and very strong. 

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