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Thomisidae Poecilothomisus speciosus

A new species of "Beautiful Crab Spider"
Steve Woodman has so far found four individuals of this new species in his back yard in the small country town of Wingham NSW. 


Tiny Flower Spider
With Pawel Szymkowiak's revision this one is now Boomerangia

Salticidae Maratus fimbriatus Fringed Peacock Spider

Fringed Peacock Spider
Jurgen Otto found this species in 2014 while travelling in northern NSW. It is the only male peacock spider Jurgen has seen displaying to the female by raising its first pair of legs, not its third pair. 

Gallieniellidae Meedo

Meedo sp. A Gallienellid
This tiny specimen was an extraordinary find, from leaf litter gathered at Walton Bridge Reserve. It is from the elusive family Gallieniellidae, barely known. This is possibly the first photo of living Gallieniellid ever published. 

Holocnemus pluchei

One of the "Other" Daddy Long-legs
This is a Mediterranean species which like Pholcus phalangioides has been spread throughout the world with humans. 

Lehtinelagia multopunctata

Many-spotted Flower Spider
Lehtinelagia variabilis, L. evanida and L.multopunctata are impossible to tell apart in the field. 

Oxyopes macilentus

Lynx Spiders
The delightful Lynx Spider family is full of frisky little critters found leaping about gardens, parks and bushland. They are energetic daytime hunters, pouncing on their prey like cats, hence the name. 

Desognaphosa yabbra

World's first photos of living Desognaphosa sp.
A Trochanteriid resembling both a Desid and Gnaphosid. Thanks to Dr Robert Raven for the live specimen. 

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