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This site is a working draft for "A field Guide to the Spiders of Australia" by Robert Whyte and Greg Anderson for CSIRO Publishing due to be published in 2015. As images and sightings get added, we'll tell you here. Please let us know if you spot any errors.

Araneidae Araneinae Araneus talipedatus

Araneus talipedatus, seen at Mount Mee, South East Queensland, during an Entomological Society of Queensland outing in 2014.

Click here for a Checklist of Australian Spiders, 2013
by Volker W. Framenau, Australasian Arachnological Society, 3,630 species in 648 genera and 80 families. 

Gasteracantha fornicata

Gasteracantha fornicata
Ridiculously small (body length only 1.5mm) this is the male for a relatively enormous female. Common but rarely observed or photographed. 

Desidae Paramatachia

This unusual species lIves in a hollow inside a twig. 


Emertonella vs Podomyrma ant
See a spider wrap an ant and cart it off. More amazing stories on Nick Monaghan's blog 

Arkys cornutus

Arkys cornutus
This is an ambush hunter, active on foliage at night, an orb weaver that has abandoned its web for wait-and-pounce style hunting. 

Thomisus spectabilis male and F

Thomisus spectabilis with large prey
The spectacular Crab Spider is renowned for taking down large prey. See these pics from Malcolm Tattersall and check out his blog 

Missulena bradleyi

Missulena bradleyi
Bradley's Mouse Spider is is the most common and widespread Mouse Spider, but not the most colourful. The females are large and very strong. 

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