Cytaea aspera Grey Striped Bark Jumper

A common, widespread medium-sized jumper, body length around 8mm, found on grey bark in coastal areas in Queensland and in many habitats elsewhere. It has two dark stripes running lengthways along the whole body, starting at or outside the anterior median eyes then narrowing to the rear (posterior) end of the caput (upper surface of the cephalothorax). The lines then continue along the abdomen, narrow at the anterior (front) end and widening towards the spinnerets. The whole spider is grey with the darker markings brownish to dark grey. Cytaea severa and Cytaea barbatissima were found to be juniour synonyms of Ascyltus asper (Karsch, 1878) which was changed to Cytaea asper by Łukasz Trębicki et al in 2021.

Female from above

Cytaea asper
Photo: Robert Whyte

Male from Quinkan FNQ facing, note hairy face

Robert Whyte


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