Nuliodon fishburni Raven, 2009 Fishburn's Prowling Coastal Hunter

This miturgid differs from Miturga by having claw tufts and no dark stripes on the carapace. This genus was erected by Robert Raven in 2009. The abdomen is fawn colured with irregular mottling. There are 8 eyes in two rows, anterior narrower and recurved, posterior more recurved. All eyes of similar size except anterior row eyes slightly larger. Found in leaf litter in open eucalypt, wet sclerophyll, semi-evergreen vine thicket and heath mixed with eucalypt forest from Rockhampton to Ipswich, southeast Queensland. The holotype male is from Fraser Island, Orchid Beach, on the Fishburn property, 2457'S 15317'E, This species is named for Paul Fishburn, Queensland wildlife ranger and naturalist. ♀ 5mm ♂ 4mm

Nuliodon fishburni

Photo: Dr Robert Raven Queensland Museum


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