Maratus melindae corus Otto and Hill 2017 North-western subspecies of Melinda's Peacock spider

This is a subspecies of Maratus melindae Waldock 2013. Maratus melindae corus closely resembles the type of M. melindae Waldock 2013, here designated as M. melindae melindae , but both may be separated as follows. In M. melindae melindae (see Waldock 2013) the black central patch is bracketed by red scales along its entire length while in M. melindae corus this is not the case and the red transverse band meets the black patch without wrapping around it. The name means the north west variant of M. melindae melindae. Collected Banksia Reserve, Verne Hill (30.39397778°S, 115.1803861°E, 10 SEP 2016, coll. D. Knowles). This is an area of dominated by Banksia prionotes . ♀ unknown ♂ 4.6 mm

Male displaying

Maratus Milindae corus
Photo Jürgen Otto



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