Clynotis severus Stern Jumping Spider

Variable in pattern, colour and also size, the name (meaning severe) refers to the glowering appearance caused by the lines on the carapace, making the spider look like it is frowning. Body up to ♀ 9 mm ♂ 9 mm but specimens are often as small as 5 mm.


Clynotis severus
Iain Macaulay

Black form from Perth WA

Perth Clynotis severus
Robert Whyte

Male from Walcha NSW

Walcha Clynotis Severus
Robert Whyte

Clynotis severus and Pungalina palps

Clynotis severus and Pungalina palps
Robert Whyte

Diagnostic Sheet

Diagnostic sheet
Zabka, Richardson and Koch & Keyserling (Die Arachniden Australiens)


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