Isala cambridgei Large Bark Crab Spider

A widespread bark-dweller found from Queensland to Tasmania, females to 11mm, males smaller and more slender to 8mm. At rest the front legs are stretched out in front of the spider. The colour is variable depending on the bark it is living on and under, from grey to rich brown. The egg sac is made in the folded tip of a leaf. The leaf is secured by silk to a branch. (Mascord 1970). The species name is in honour of O. P.-Cambridge who described the genus in 1869. Isala obtusifrons, previously Stephanopis was synonymised with Isala cambridgei in 2021.

Samsonvale QLD

Stephanopis cambridgei
Greg Anderson

Female Joyner QLD

Isala obtusifrons


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