Argiope dietrichae Levi 1983 Dietrich's Argiope

A medium-sized orbweaver from Northern Territory and Western Australia found in monsoonal and coastal areas even quite far south on the western coast. It is quite similar to Argiope katharina but judging from photographs more colourful. A. katharina appears restricted to Katharine Gorge. The spider waits in its web upside down both day and night. The species is named after Amalie Dietrich, 19th century collector of spiders for Godeffroy. The holotype was found at Pyramid Pool Cave, Western Australia. ♀ 13mm

Female, near WA border, Keep River National Park NT

Argiope dietrichae
Photo: Wolfgang Bitterman


  • Levi, 1983 - The Orb-Weaver Genera Argiope, Gea, and Neogea from the Western Pacific Region (Araneae: Araneidae, Argiopinae) Herbert W. Levi, 338 Bulletin Museum of Camparalive Zoology, Vol. 150, No. 5, 22 December 1983

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