Thwaitesia spp

After inspecting Rainbow's holotypes at the Queensland museum, my hunch, in the absence of definitive documentary evidence, is as follows for Thwaitesia argentiopunctata: abdomen with two small hemispherical peaks (tubercles), leg joints brown, dark line or mark usually running all the way down the centre of the upper cephalothorax (caput), black and gold upper abdomen usually with a silver blobby stripe, often fringed by red. For Thwaitesia nigronodosa: abdomen with a single peak, leg joints black, dark line or mark running half the way down the centre of the upper cephalothorax (caput), black, silver and gold upper abdomen. Other specimens shown here do not readily fall under either possible species.

Thwaitesia argentiopunctata? North Queensland female 2

Thwaitesia North Queensland
Photo: Dr Greg Anderson

Female North Queensland Skyrail rainforest 151210

Thwaitesia argentiopunctata
Photo: Robert Whyte


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