LYCOSIDAE Wolf spiders

Wolf spiders are robust, agile hunters that live on the ground in leaf litter or burrows. They have eight eyes, four small ones lower down on the face, two large eyes above looking forward and two large eyes further back looking upward. Wolf Spiders occupy microhabitat niches and ideas for species can often be determined this way. Human bites have been recorded with various unpleasand but not fatal effects.

Wolf Spider

Artoria mckayi Framenau, 2002 (McKay's Creek Wolf Spider)
Fast running spider in leaf litter, body length about 12mm. Notable for the lighter median stripe on both the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Volker Framenau writes: "I believe your wolf spider is an Artoria. Based on your habitat description and the colour pattern it could easily be Artoria mckayi... 

Lycosa sp

Artoriopsis sp (A. expolita or A. melissae)
Artoriopsis is a genus of wolf spiders endemic to Australia. Their body size ranges from 3 to 11 mm, with males smaller than females. They appear to prefer open, vegetated or sandy areas of moderate humidity. Dr Volker W. Framenau, Western Australian Museum writes that the spider in these... 

Artoriopsis whitehouseae

Artoriopsis whitehouseae Framenau, 2007 Mary Whitehouse's Wolf Spider Neds Corner VIC 3496
Artoriopsis species have a shield on the upper surface of the abdomen with distinct middle and side bands. They are small to medium-sized wolf... 

Hoggicosa bicolor

Hoggicosa bicolor (Hogg, 1905) Two-coloured Wolf Spider
A common, large wolf spider whose female and penultimate male share a striking black and cream colour pattern, but where the adult male is more... 

Hoggicosa natashae  Langlands & Framenau, 2010 Roxby Downs SA 5725

Hoggicosa natashae Langlands & Framenau, 2010
A large, distinctively patterned wolf spider in dry inland regions of SA, NSW and QLD usually found in low sandy depressions with vegetation of... 


Hogna crispipes (L. Koch 1877) Ned's Corner VIC 3496
The median band in H. crispipes is narrower than onefourth the carapace width. The abdomen is irregular dark grey with a yellow-brown median... 

Lycosa yalkara

Lycosa yalkara McKay, 1979 Neds Corner VIC 3496
This species, newly discovered in Victoria after being previously recorded in Western Australia, is a medium-sized wolf spider found in inland... 


Tasmanicosa sp. Ned's Corner VIC 3496
Tasmanicosa spp. are Wolf Spiders found across southern Australia.  

Venatrix konei (Berland, 1924)

Venatrix konei (Berland, 1924) Neds Corner VIC 3496
Venatrix konei (Berland, 1924) is found in open areas near water (Framenau & Vink, 2001). It is found in most areas of Australia and nearby.  

Lycosa sp

Venatrix sp (Wolf Spider)
Dr Volker Framenau, Department of Terrestrial Zoology, Western Australian Museum, writes that this wolf spider may be Venatrix brisbanae or V. ornatula which are very difficult to separate without examining the genitalia. Where this was photographed there were dozens of juveniles of all sizes from... 


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