GNAPHOSIDAE Ground spiders

Gnaphosidae are reddish, brown, gray, striped, black spiders, and include nearly 2,000 described species in over 100 genera, distributed worldwide. This makes the family the seventh largest known. New species are still being discovered. They are closely related to Clubionidae. Common genera include Gnaphosa, Drassodes, Micaria, Cesonia and Zelotes. Generally, ground spiders are characterized by having barrel-shaped anterior spinnerets that are one spinneret diameter apart. All ground spiders lack a prey-capture web and generally run prey down on the surface. They hunt at night and spend the day in a silken retreat.

Cerydera cursitans

Ceryerda cursitans Simon, 1909 Prowling Inland Spider
A slender, vividly patterned, swift-running ground spider. Usually found under logs or rocks in dry country west of the divide, originally named by... 

Gnaphosid Spider

Gnaphosid Spider possible Gnaphosa sp.
A frequently found spider in leaf litter, body length of the male around 3.5mm, the female around 4mm. A very silvery, a fast running spider in most coastal habitats good rainfall. The characteristic barrel-shaped anterior spinnerets, one spinneret diameter apart, are clearly visible. Anterior... 


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