ZOROPSIDAE False Wolf Spiders

Australian Zoropsids have two main groups, Zoropsines and Tengellines, the latter being absorbed into this family in 2015. Zoropsines are wandering, medium-sized similar to sparassids, lycosids and miturgids, more or less equally sized eyes and apparently no burrows. The live in rainforest and hop about in the litter. Zoropsines include the genera Birrana, Huntia, Kilyana, Krukt, Megateg and Uliodon . Tengellines are enigmatic small to medium-sized spiders living and hunting in forest leaf litter. Identification is extremely difficult and these spiders can easily be mistaken for lycosids or pisaurids. The only Australian genus isAustrotengella which has eight eyes in two rows, both strongly curved towards the rear. They live in moist coastal forests in a range just west of Gympie Queensland to near the Victorian border.

Kilyana sp.

Kilyana hendersoni Raven & Stumkat, 2005 Henderson's Kilyana
A medium to large wandering spider in leaf litter in rainforest around Brisbane and Mount Glorious. Carapace orange brown with darker wedges and a... 


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