DEINOPIDAE Net-casters

Deinopids are stick-like elongate spiders that build webs they suspend between the front legs. When prey approaches, the spider will stretch the net to two or three times its relaxed size and propel itself onto the prey, entangling it in the web. Because of this, they are called net-casting spiders.

Deinopis sp

Avella angulata L. Koch, 1878
Avella angulata is a medium sized spider, body length about 9mm for adult females, 7mm for males. Found along creekbanks. Resembles Deinopis without... 

Avella despiciens

Avella despiciens O.P.-Cambridge, 1877
A distinctive Deinopid with smaller anterior median eyes than its close relative Deinopis subrufa. This spider, according to Ramon Mascord who knew... 

Deinopis sp

Deinopis subrufa juveniles
This dark Deinopid was about 8mm body length with white tips to all the legs (the whole of the tarsus). Perhaps a juvenile D. subrufa.  

Net-casting spider

Deinopis subrufa L. Koch, 1879 Common Net-casting Spider
A large, slender, long-legged, widespread and common net-caster found in eastern Australia and Tasmania, especially in drier areas. Rather timid,... 


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