Microstigmatidae is a small family of spiders with, as of 2021, 16 described Australian species in three genera, Ixamatus with 10 species, Kiama with only one species and Xamiatus with five species. Australian species are usually relatively large. The body, brown to black in colour, is about three times as long as it is wide. Legs are moderately long and robust. The carapace sometimes has silvery hairs. The eyes are in a close group. Spinnerets are medium to long. Australian microstigmatids live in burrows, with variably constructed entrances. Worldwide there are species in South America and southern parts of Africa.

Ixamatus broomi, female, Mt Kilcoy

Ixamatus spp.

Xamiatus kia

Xamiatus kia

Xamiatus rubifrons Raven 987

Xamiatus rubifrons
The Red-jawed Spider is a rare species in an uncommon genus. There are five Australian species in the genus Xamiatus erected by Dr Robert... 


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