LAMPONIDAE White-tails

Lamponidae has around 200 species of Australasian ground spiders. Three subfamilies are recognized: Lamponinae , Centrothelinae and Pseudolamponinae. They are exclusively Australasian, and are thought to be the sister group of the worldwide families Gnaphosidae plus Prodidomidae. (Platnick, 2000). They are generally large, slender, dark spiders with white tails. The most common are Lampona cylindrata (throughout Australia but not Eastern Queensland) and Lampona murina (eastern Australia only.

Lampona danggali

Lampona danggali Platnick, 2000 A white-tailed spider
Lamponids in the genus Lampona are hard to tell apart from each other. They have a similar general appearance, mostly resembling the common... 


Lampona sp cf L. murina White-tailed Spider
Lampona species are difficult if not impossible to tell apart with the naked eye. Most Lampona murina in eastern Queensland before... 


Lamponid sp.
A species in the family Lamponiidae.  


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