Prodidomidae is a spider family with about 300 species in 31 genera world wide, known as long-spinneret ground spiders, part of the superfamily Gnaphosoidea. They are ground dwellers, quite small, to 5mm, flat, pale spiders with laterigrade legs and greatly enlarged, canoe-shaped posterior lateral spinnerets.. At least parts of their body are covered with shiny scales or setae. The posterior median eyes are flat and silvery, and triangular, egg-shaped or irregularly rectangular. The Prodidomidae are considered "higher gnaphosoids", together with the Lamponidae and Gnaphosidae.


Molycriinae > Molycria species
A Prodidomid, body length 3.5mm, found in leaf litter at The Gap. Probably Molycria sp., possibly Cryptoerithus sp. This spider is remarkable because it has a pair of grossly enlarged spinnerets attached half way along the underside of its abdomen and at least one normal pair at the... 

Wydundra cooper  Platnick & Baehr, 2006

Wydundra cooper Platnick & Baehr, 2006
A small, very fast and agile ground species recorded from semi-arid and arid regions of South Australia and the extreme north west corner of New... 


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