PISAURIDAE Water spiders

Some spiders in this family wait for prey at the water's edge. Their front legs rest on the surface, sensing vibrations. They can grab tadpoles or fish swimming past, or race across the water to seize insects that fall in. Some Pisaurids form underwater retreats in large air bubbles, others make their webs in green leaves of shrubs.

Dendrolycosa icadia

Dendrolycosa icadia (L. Koch, 1876)
This spider body length 9mm was observed on a poptplant in a garden in Wynnum in late June 2009, in a silken retreat amongst twigs at the most... 

Dolomedes facetus

Dolomedes facetus L. Koch, 1876 Clever Fishing Spider
A medium to large-sized fishing spider, found along streams, rivers creeks and freshwater lakes in coastal areas around Australia from Western... 

Dolomedes spp.

Dolomedes spp. Australian Water Spiders
Dolomedes spp. have been record in coastal and hinterland areas of eastern Australia from Queensland to Tasmania. As Australian Pisaurids are... 

Hygropoda lineata

Hygropoda lineata (Thorell, 1881) Northern Lined Hygropoda
Hygropoda lineata is a medium-sized, green to brownish spider with a slender body and long, spiny legs, in North Queensland. Its range extends... 


Megadolomedes trux (Lamb, ) Giant Water Spider
A very large water spider found along the waters edge in creeks, rivers and lakes, in Coastal areas from Coffs to the Cape, legs sometimes stretching... 

Perenethis venusta

Perenethis venusta A Water Spider
The female has a maximum body length of about 12 mm, the male, about 11 mm. It is found on foliage near water. It is a fast running spider like most... 


Unknown Pisaurid somewhat like Zoridae and Philodromidae
This reasonably large spider keys out to Pisauridae, fishing spiders, but it is not a typical one. The face has a somewhat Zoridae, wandering ghost... 


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