LIOCRANIDAE Spiny Sac Spiders

Small to medium size spiders with two tarsal claws, eight eyes in two rows, both cephalothorax and abdomen roughly oval, widening towards the rear, first and second pairs of legs with longish tibial and metatarsal spines, abdomen with dorsal scute (hardened lid) in Oedignatha. Ramirez moved Oedignatha here from Corinnidae in 2014. Freeliving, ground-dwelling nocturnal hunters often in leaf litter in forests, some genera associated with ants and termites. The family is still in flux and may see genera move in and out in coming years.

Liocranidae Oedignatha scrobiculata

Oedignatha scrobiculata Thorell, 1881 South East Asian Oedignatha
Small dark, somewhat bulbous spiders with slender front legs waved to imitate ants. The dorsal scutum (hardened shield-like plate) on the abdomen... 


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