BARYCHELIDAE Brush-footed trapdoors

Brush-footed trapdoor spiders have two short spinnerets at the rear of the abdomen, sometimes not projecting. They are small to large spiders capable of climbing smooth vertical surfaces with hairy feet. The head is often brown. If the head is black itoften has a brush of silvery hairs. The abdomen is often mottled brown, sometimes black and hairy, sometimes silver towards the front. Most of the world's Barychelids are found in Australia and on the islands Western Pacific, especially New Caledonia. They occupy most habitats, from rainforests to arid regions. Some species occupy the intertidal zone, in trees or in amongst the mangroves. Most have a door to their burrow, sometimes two. Some species build burrows on trees.

Barychelidae Idiommata sp

Idiomatta species
Idiommata spp., generally are known as silverbacks due to the silvery hairs on the head and body of the males. The Giant Brushfooted Trapdoor... 


Idiommata sp. Goldback, Morgan SA
A large, attractive trapdoor spider with a golden caput and dorsal abdomen. Perhaps the colour of the carapace may change to silver in maturity, or... 


Idiommata sp. Silverback, Morgan SA 'Jack Pad'
A large, attractive trapdoor spider with a strikingly silver caput and dorsal abdomen. ♂ 22mm  

Silverback Idiommata

Idiommata sp. Silverback, North Queensland
A large, attractive trapdoor spider with a strikingly silver caput and silver on the leading edge of the dorsal abdomen, closely related to the SA... 

Mandjelia commoni female Edmonton Cairns FNQ



The genus Ozicrypta refers to Australian species tending to be cryptic or well blended in to their natural background by pattern or colour.  

Sason colemani

Sason is a barychelid genus distributed from the Seychelles in the western Indian Ocean to New Guinea and North Queensland. They resemble... 


Seqocrypta jakara Raven
Medium sized trapdoor, widespread and abundant in Brisbane (in at least 33 suburbs) and elsewhere in South East Queensland and NNSW. Carapace... 






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