Most Australian Cyatholipids are restricted to rainforest habitats, both temperate and tropical. One genus, Matilda, occurs in drier regions of mainland Australia. Most Cyatholipids are thought to construct horizontal sheet webs. Cyatholipids differ from all other spiders by the presence of a broad, slit-like posterior spiracle mid-way between the spinnerets and the epigastric fold.

Cyatholipidae > Forstera sp.

Forstera sp.
Previously Toddiana, Forstera sp. is an Australian species of a family also found in New Zealand. Like all Cyatholipids Forstera... 


Matilda sp. Australian Cyatholipid
The genus Matilda was erected by Ray Forster in 1988, with the type being M. australia described from specimens found in Queensland and New South Wales (Forster, Millidge, Court,  

Cyatholipidae > Tekelloides australis

Tekelloides australis Forster, 1988 Southern Tellekoides
A very small spider body length about 1.5 mm 84 Queens Road, Stepneyville, Nelson City, New Zealand, collected by beating foliage.  


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