Megadolomedes trux (Lamb, ) Giant Water Spider

A very large water spider found along the waters edge in creeks, rivers and lakes, in Coastal areas from Coffs to the Cape, legs sometimes stretching to an adult's handspan. Well camouflaged with shades of flecked or mottled brown, sometimes with white stripes. Able to run swiftly across the surface of the water. They can stay submerged for a long time by trapping air around their bodies. The female carries her egg sac underneath her body, holding it in place with her jaws and palps. The final leg segments (tarsi) are nearly as long as the metatarsi in this speces. Similar looking, somewhat smaller Dolomedes spp. have relatively shorter tarsi, only about half the length of the metatarsi. ♀ 30mm ♂ 20mm

Female with egg sac

Photo: Robert Raven

Female, White's Hill

Photo: Robert Raven

From above on leaf

Photo: Mark Crocker

From above on water, Enoggera Creek

Megadolomedes australianus
Photo: Robert Whyte


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