Sandalodes scopifer (Karsch, 1878) White-spotted Sandalodes

A rather large jumping spider, dark brown to black, throughout Australia and also known from New Guinea, often found on wattles and gums. Body length of males to about 9mm, females 10mm. Both males and females have a distinctive pair of white spots on each side of the abdomen, about half way towards the spinnerets, and both have white markings on the dark cephalothorax, usually a thick white to cream slash from the centre to the trailing edge, and white marks below the posterior lateral eyes on the sides. The female has a cream to white central stripe running lengthways along the most of the abdomen and is usually browner. The males have a fringe of black hairs at the top front of the cephalothorax. The front legs of this spider are long and strong. Capable of taking quite large insects, this spider may be able to inflict bites which might lead to local pain and mild illness. Named Ligurinus by Karsch in 1878, recognised as S. scopifer by Zabka in 1991 and 2000.

Female from side

Sandalodes scopifer
Photo: Dr Greg Anderson


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