Porropis flavifrons Koch, 1876 Yellow-browed Porropis

A crab spider with a yellow stripe across its forehead, hence the species name. It is the type species for the genus Porropis, erected by Koch in 1876 for a specimen found at Peak Downs, Queensland. This small spider, with some similarities to both Diaea and Cymbacha species is common in low foliage where it makes a folded retreat in a green leaf. The cephalothorax and legs are light to dark brown, with a yellow strip across the top of the face. The abdomen can be whitish to pink or yellow, lighter coloured on most of the upper surface, speckled to darker on the margins. The legs are slender and stubby, with short segments. Food is mostly insects, which it hunts by ambush. The name Porrhopis, never in any official description, has been sometimes used in error.

Female from above, facing

Porropis flavifrons
Photo: Dr Greg Anderson

The nest of Porropis flavifrons, spider peeking out

Photo: Robert Whyte

The nest of Porropis flavifrons

Porropis flavirons
Photo: Robert Whyte


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