Missulena bradleyi Rainbow, 1914 Bradley's Mouse Spider

Missulena bradleyi Bradley's Mouse Spider. This is the most common and widespread Mouse Spider in eastern Australia. It was initially thought to be confined to NSW. The females are large and very strong, with powerful chelicerae. A 7-year-old boy had a female Mouse Spider so fiercely attached to his finger the attending GP had to crush the spider to get the fangs out. The boy complained only of minor hunger pains as in the excitement, he had missed lunch. ♀ 20 mm ♂14 mm

Female The Gap Brisbane QLD

Missulena bradleyi
Photo: Robert Whyte

Male Mudgeeraba QLD

The male Missulena bradleyi has an all-black carapace and pale bluish area on top of the abdomen.

Missulena bradleyi male
Photo: Adam Maund

Female Brisbane QLD

The burrow can be found by brushing away loose dirt in an area where they live until a flap of silk indicative of the entrance is found.

Missulena bradleyi female
Photo: Robert Whyte



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