Isopeda montana Hogg, 1902 Mountain Huntsman

The Mountain Huntsman has been found in most habitats in southern Victoria, sharing them with the Victorian Huntsman Isopedella victorialis. It is a large, mostly greyish spider with a flattish body and long legs. It is less common around houses than the Victorian Huntsman. It has been recorded from South Austraia. It has a low carapace, flat in the centre. The posterior row of 4 eyes is very slightly curved towards the rear. The mostly smooth chelicerae, or jaws, are swollen in shape, particularly in the male, and have some surrounding hairs. The thighs of the font legs have white spots. The female's abdomen has 4 pairs of spots on the upper surface, the middle pairs joined and a faint badge on the underneath. ♀ 28mm ♂ 22mm.

From above, Hastings

Isopeda montana
Photo: Wendy Moore


Revision of the Genus Isopeda Koch
(Heteropodidae : Araneae) in Australia
David B. Hirst, Invertebr. Taxon., 1992, 6, 337-87


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