Holconia insignis (Thorell, 1870) Branded Huntsman

This sparrassid is not as common as H. immanis, recorded only for Queensland and New South Wales. First described as Voconia insignis by Thorell in 1870. After a few changes over the years, being in Holconia for a while, then Isopeda, David Hirst transferred it back into Holconia in a major revision of Isopeda at the South Australia Museum, in 1990-91. The species name insignis means distinguishing mark. David Hirst noted this one has a lovely soft brown-white pattern instead of the usual grey of this species. (pers. comm.) ♀ 22mm ♂ 18mm

Female, picnic shelter, Boombana Walk, Mount Nebo

Heteropoda insignis
Photo: Robert Whyte

Female Swan Bay North Stradbroke Island

Holconia insignis
Photo: Ed Nieuwenhuys


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