Holconia immanis - Grey Huntsman

Huntsman Spiders have a flattened body, which allows them to find shelter under loosened bark and other litter. They have eight eyes set in two rows of four. The genus Holconia ranges over most of mainland Australia. Holconia immanis is found in eastern Australia from Queensland to Victoria. Generally these spiders are not very active in winter. Some photographs do not show the "dagger" marking on the abdomen very strongly. Their food includes all sorts of insects and other spiders up to about 10cm although they will have a go at larger prey on occasion. They can inflict a painful bite but generally are timid spiders, though the female is strongly maternal and will protect her egg sac.

Murwillumbah (near Tomewin Rd) NSW

Strikingly banded, hairy legs, in this case at least 160mm in diameter. A typical sit-and-wait forager, choosing a favoured ambush site and returning to it nightly.

Photo: Adam Maund


Holconia immanis
Photo: Duncan Fraser


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