Australian Gasteracanthinae include Austracantha, Gasteracantha, Poecilopachys and Thelacantha.

Austracantha minax

Austracantha minax (Thorell, 1859) Australian Jewel Spider
This species occurs throughout most of Australia in shrubby woodlands. It is Recorded from all states and territories, in coastal an inland areass. 

Gasteracantha fornicata

Gasteracantha fornicata (Fabricius, 1775)
Gasteracantha fornicata is a spiny orb-weaver spider found in North Queensland. Specimens were collected at Cooktown on Cook's 1770 voyage by... 

Gasteracantha westringi

Gasteracantha westringi Keyserling, 1863 Westring's Spiny Spider
A northern species of spiny spider found at least from the Northern Territory to North Queensland, Admiralty Island, New Caledonia and Norfolk... 

Poecilopachys australasica

Poecilopachys australasia (Griffith & Pigeon, 1833) Two Spined Spider
Two Spined Spider is one of Australia's most attractive and most photographed spiders. It was first described as Epeira australasica by Griffith & Pigeon in 1833. After many other synonyms it was revised as P. bispinosa by Simon in 1895. Goodwin changed it to P. australasia... 


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