In 2017 the family Nephilidae became Nephilinae, a subfamily of Araneidae with species found in Australia being Nephila, Herennia and Nephilengys. In 2019 Kuntner et al separated a number of species in the genus Nephila into Trichonephila including three Australian species, now Trichonephila antipodiana, Trichonephila edulis and Trichonephila plumipes. Nephila pilipes remains as the only Australian representative of the genus Nephila.

Herennia oz

Herennia oz Australian Coin Spider
Australia has one official species of Herennia. Several other species are found across regions immediately north including tropical and... 

Nephila pilipes

Nephila pilipes (Fabricius, 1793) Northern or Giant Golden Orb Weaver
A colourful Nephila species, with legs relatively longer and more slender than those of other species, primarily a tropical spider across all of northern Australia but occasionally found as far south as South East Queensland and Northern NSW. There are patches of bright yellow on the... 

Nephilengys papuana

Nephilengys papuana
Nephilengys papuana is sometimes misidentified as Nephilengys malabarensis which does not occur in Australia. Nephilengys... 

Nephila edulis

Trichonephila edulis (Labillardière, 1799) Australian Golden Orb Weaver
A large spider found throughout coastal and inland Australia, especially Western Australia. Females are large, males much smaller. Overall greyish with silvery cephalothorax and black brushes on the... 


Trichonephila plumipes (Latreille, 1804) Humped Golden Orb-weaving Spider
This spider, whose name refers to the golden color of its strong silk, not the color of the spider itself, is common and widespread in Eastern Australia. It is one of Australia's most noticed and photographed spiders because of its large size and its habit of staying in its web during the daytime. 


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