Plebs bradleyi (Keyserling, 1887) Enamelled Spider

The Enamelled Spider is common in Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria and parts of Queensland. It waits for prey in its sloping web at night and often retreats to surrounding vegetation in the day. Its prey is small flying insects. Its round, red-brown woolly silk egg sac is flat on the bottom where it is fastened. It contains eggs 1 mm in diameter in a sticky mass. ♀ 18mm ♂ 9mm

Yellow form, ACT

Araneu bradleyi
Photo: Tony Wood

Yellow form, Victoria

Araneus bradleyi
Photo: Nick Monaghan lifeunseen.com

Green form, Gippsland

Araneus bradleyi
Photo: Duncan Fraser

Green and white form

Araneus bradleyi
Photo: Nick Monaghan lifeunseen.com/


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