Nephilengys papuana

Nephilengys papuana is sometimes misidentified as Nephilengys malabarensis which does not occur in Australia. Nephilengys spp. have retreats attached to the hub of the orb webs, and also to the nearby surface against which the web is built. It can be a tree, rock or a built structure. They are nocturnal, occupying the retreat by day, then emerging at night to wait for prey to get trapped. The web is large and persistent. Males lose their embolus and sometimes whole palps during mating. The detached material forms a plug which prevents other males from achieving insemination. ♀ 28 mm ♂ 6 mm


Nephilengys papuana
♂ Litchfield NT Greg Anderson.


Nephilengys papuana
♀ Mareeba QLD Greg Anderson.


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