While the six species of argyrodines differ considerably in morphology and behaviour, they also share numerous peculiarities. Species range from free living araneophages (spider eaters) to obligatory kleptoparasites (living in host webs of other spiders and stealing food from them). Ariamnes species have a characteristically elongated abdomen and construct simple nonsticky line webs. The Argyrodes group seem to be obligate kleptoparasites.

Theridiid species

Argyrodes antipodianus O.P.-Cambridge. 1880 Dewdrop Spider
These small spiders (females to 3mm, males to 2.5mm) live on the edges of webs of large orb-weavers, notably Nephila species, but also others. The abdomen reflects silvery light like a... 

Argyrodes miniaceus (Doleschall, 1857)

Argyrodes miniaceus (Doleschall, 1857)
The body length of both the female and the male of this pretty spider is around 3.5 mm. Usually found on the edge of the web of a large orb-weaver, often Nephila plumipes, scavenging small insects that land on the web. Widespread through south-east Asia and Australia. The abdomen is peaked... 

Argyrodes sp

Argyrodes rainbowi (Roewer, 1942) Rainbow's Argyrodes
A small Theridid with silvery scales on the flanks of the abdomen. Male and female with a body length about 3mm. The male has a smaller abdomen. Both have silvery scales on the side of the abdomen. named after the arachnologist Rainbow. These spiders inhabit webs of other spiders, usually large orb... 

Argyrodes sp

Argyrodes sp A Rhomphaea-like Argyrodes
A small Argyrodes species given to suspending itself in a stretched lengthways manner resembling a tiny, thin twig, or leaf. This species is... 

Argyrodes sp.

Argyrodes sp Square-ended Argyrodes
A long, slender but blocky Argyrodes with a square-ended abdomen. Female body length 4-6mm.  


Argyrodes spp. cf fissifrons ex conopistha
A collection of slender Argyrodes, possibly A. fissifrons or a closely related species with some similarities to A. gracilisrecorded as Conopistha in Mascord. There are likely to be many undescribed spiders of this type. This species sometimes has a small tangled web, or... 

Theridiid sp?

Argyrodinae > Rhomphaea or Conopistha species
Probably Rhomphaea (a Theridiid that used to be Argyrodes). These Theridiids scavenge from the webs of others spiders. This one is a relatively large spider, about 12mm in body length, and was found in the web of the orb weaver Cyrtophora exanthematica. The genus Rhomphaea was... 

Argyrodes colubrinus

Ariamnes colubrinus (Keyserling, 1890) Whip Spider
A quite large spider with a long, cylindrical abdomen. The female grows to 22 mm, the male 13 mm, both very slender, only up to 1mm wide. May be seen... 

Rhomphaea sp

Romphaea sp.
This species is small (the body length of the male about 3mm) slender, pale to transparent, with a long abdomen peaked with a blunt, bent witch's hat rear end. The peak underneath to the spinnerets is also pronounced. Legs are extremely long and slender as are the pedipalps. The cephalothorax is... 


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