The medically important widow spiders and redbacks(Latrodectus) combine with Steatoda and Crustulina to form the Latrodectinate group. It is of interest that the only theridiids outside Latrodectus known to be potently venomous to vertebrates are Steatoda paykulliana and S. nobilis. Other Steatoda and Crustulina species may be found to be similarly venomous.

Latrodectus hasselti Red Back Spider

Latrodectus hasselti Thorell, 1870 Redback Spider
Mature female Redbacks have a black pea shaped body to about 10mm with a prominent red stripe on the abdomen and slender legs. The male is smaller,... 

Steatoda with egg sac

Steatoda grossa (C. L. Koch, 1838) Cupboard Spider
The Cupboard Spider, or Brown House Spider is a black to purple brown spider with a pale speckled band on the anterior edge of the abdomen and three... 


Steatoda splendens (Rainbow,1916) Cupboard Spider
This spider Steatoda grossa (C. L. Koch, 1838) Cupboard Spider is officially still Euryopis splendens until a revision is done. 


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