Spintharinae includes Episinus, Spintharus and Thwaitesia. It is possible that Chrosiothes and Moneta belong in this group.

Episinus sp

Episinus spp.
Episinus is a rich spider genus species, occurring worlwide, with many species. Episinus bicornis (Thorell, 1881) is known from Queensland. This may be what we call the 'Common' Episinus that we see frequently. The 2004 Brisbane Terrestrial Invertebrate Review (QM, & BCC) recorded... 

Episinus bicornis Moneta australis

Moneta australis (Keyserling, 1890)
Moneta australis is a common spider seldom observed because it is restricted to rainforest and margins, is small, and has a minimal web, just a few strands of silk under leaves. It feeds on small insects. Body length of the female according to Mascord 1980 is 3.4mm, the male 2.9mm. In gardens in... 

Moneta conifera

Moneta conifera (Urquhart, 1887)
Little is recorded about this species.  

Moneta species

Moneta species Tiny Mount Glorious Moneta
A very small Moneta, body length less than 3mm.  

Moneta species

Moneta spp. Pretty Moneta, Pink-spotted Moneta
These small Moneta spp. are common in rainforest in South East Queensland and may all be one species with colour variations. They are found on... 

Episinus sp

Moneta variabilis Rainbow 1920 Variable Moneta
A medium sized spider, quite large for a Moneta species, Body length of females up to 10mm. Its habit is to lie flat against any surface. The overall shape and colour gives the impression of a terrestrial squid, having a raised abdomen after a flattened cephalothorax, the underneath of the... 

Thwaitesia argentiopunctata

Thwaitesia argentiopunctata (Rainbow, 1916) Silver-sequined Thwaitesia
Thwaitesia argentiopunctatais a small, very pretty spider in north Queensland rainforest and rainforest margins, often along creeklines. The species name argentiopunctata means silver blobs, spots, or patches. The female of this species has a deep square abdomen. ♀ 4mm ♂ 2.5mm 

Thwaitesia argentiopunctata

Thwaitesia nigronodosa (Rainbow, 1912) Black-spotted Thwaitesia (and Thwaitesia argentiopunctata)
Thwaitesia nigronodosa was described by Rainbow in 1912 from specimens collected in the Blackall Ranges in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, South East Queensland. It is an attractive small spider in Queensland rainforest and rainforest margins, often along creeklines, hiding during the day... 

Thwaitesia-like Theridiid sometimes called Theridion sp.

Undescribed Bright Green Spider with garnet-coloured, highly complex palps
Body length about 2.2mm for the male, possibly 3mm for the female. Like Thwaitesia it has black nodes on the joints of the legs and its shape... 


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