Theridiinae (including at least Achaearanea, Ameridion, Chrysso, Helvibis, Nesticodes, Theridion, Theridula, Thymoiteo and Tidarren). Most species in this clade have notably long and thin legs. About half of theridiid species belong to Theridiinae.

Achaearanea sp

Achaearanea and Theridion spp.
The genera Theridion and Achaearanea have historically been something of a catch-all for small Theridiid spiders. They may be found to belong to different genera and even if the genus is actually identified, they are often impossible to get to species level because they are so small, many are undescribed and convincing identification would require close inspection of both the mature male and mature female genitals with a microscope. There... 

Chrysso pulcherrima

Chrysso pulcherrima (Mello-Leitão, 1917) Beautiful Little Chrysso
This spider is found in green vegetation in rainforest and eucalypt forests in Australia. It has a pantropical distribution, being found in most... 

Achaearanea meraukensis

Cryptachaea meraukensis Chrysanthus 1963
Cryptachaea meraukensis is a species described by Chrysanthus from a specimen collected in New Guinea in 1960s. The Queensland Museum has also recorded it from Queensland. Females up to 3mm body length. males smaller, around 2mm. Merauke is a town in New Guinea (the Indonesian side of the... 

Achaearanea veruculata

Cryptachaea veruculata (Urquhart, 1885) Diamond Comb-footed Spider
Cryptachaea veruculata is a small spider (body length female to 4mm, male less than 2mm) in small tangled messy webs on plants or built structures. The egg sacs are pinky mauve. Like other Theridiids it is related to the potentially lethal redback spider, Latrodectus hasseltii, but... 


Nesticodes rufipes (Lucas, 1846) Red House Spider
Widespread spider, females to 7mm, males to about 5mm. Dark brown, slightly mottled, globular abdomen. Red-brown legs and cephalothorax. This spider builds a small, tangled web in dark corners inside houses or under rims of garden pots and similar structures. Said to be capable of causing mild to... 

Achaearanea sp cf Shield plates 60 and 61

Parasteatoda decorata (L. Koch, 1867) Decorated Cobweb Spider
This small-medium spider has long thin legs and a rather variably coloured abdomen. The female builds a minimal, messy tent shaped web of sticky silk, usually about 1-2m off the ground near large trees, sometimes on the outside corners of built structures, usually with a retreat in a dead leaf. 

Achaearanea tepidariorum

Parasteatoda mundula (L. Koch, 1872) Comb Footed Platform Spider
Comb-footed Platform Spiders are common in bushland and gardens in Queensland and NSW. Body and legs mostly dark reddish brown especially underneath, to paler greys with white marks bordering darker areas. Abdomen large in relation to the cephalothorax and pea-shaped, sometimes looking squashed and... 

Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Parasteatoda tepidariorum (C. L. Koch, 1841) Common House Spider
A common spider that builds a tangled web in secluded locations. Dull brown, vaguely spotted appearance. Male and female often share the same web,... 


A small, globose, mostly light coloured theridiid with a wavy central lighter (or darker) section running lengthways on the abdomen. It was named in... 

Theridiid sp Theridiinae

Theridiid sp 151010 Venman Park Bushland

Theridiidae sp

Theridiid sp.
This small Theridiid, body length of males about 2.2mm, was collected on Mt Glorious Western Walk. It is in the subfamily Theridiinae, probably not described.  

Theridion sp

Theridion cf grallator Happy-face
This small green Theridiid found at Mount Glorious, during a sample under permit, is possibly a Theridion. This assignment to possible genus... 

Theridion pyramidale

Theridion pyramidale L. Koch, 1867 Pyramidal Theridion
This species builds a small tangled web among shrubs in eucalypt and dry rainforests - the web is usually not connected with the ground. It is very common in Brisbane gardens. The male, rarely seen, has a relatively longer cephalothorax and smaller abdomen but shares the markings.  

Theridion spinigerum Rainbow, 1916

Theridion spinigerum Rainbow, 1916 Spiny Theridion
This small spider is restricted to coastal Queensland, although it may be found elsewhere when more detailed surveys are carried out. It was... 

Theridula sp.

Theridula spp.
This genus of Theridiids has not, as of early 2012, been recorded for Australia, despite it being included in Mascord's Spider's of Australia ... 


Unknown Theridiidinae?
A Theridiid from Venman Park Bushland. Possibly Takayus or Keijia or something similar. 


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