Pholcommatinae is a grouping within Theridiidae including Asygyna, Carniella, Cerocida, Craspedisia, Enoplognatha, Helvidia, Pholcomma, Phoroncidia, Proboscidula, Robertus, Selkirkiella, Styposis, Theonoe and Wirada. Phoroncidia species all tend to have a relatively small cephalothorax compared to the large and more or less peaked, sclerotized (hardened) abdomen with a glazed, smooth or pitted exterior. They are characterised by abdominal humps and and eye region projecting beyond clypeus (forming a turret).

Phoroncidia sp

Phoroncidia sp white above, lateral bumps, facing
A small spider, possibly juvenile, body length 1mm. Collected mid June 2009 on the northern side of the junction of Fish and Enoggera Creeks, Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap. No obvious comb on leg IV but some Theridiids do not have a comb. Also it is difficult to see. It has a small bump on the... 

Magnopholcomma globulus

Magnopholcomma globulus Globular Snout Spiders
These spiders have an exaggerated globular proboscis. Their range is at least from far north Queensland to Coffs Harbour NSW. Magnopholcomma... 

Phoroncidia sp

Phoroncidia rotunda (Keyserling, 1890) Round Phoroncidia
Phoroncidia rotunda (Keyserling, 1890) was described from specimens in Queensland, Lord Howe Is. and Samoa. The male is a tiny spider about 1mm body length when sexually mature. The female to 2mm.  

Phoroncidia sextuberculata

Phoroncidia sextuberculata (Keyserling, 1890) Six-knobbed Phoroncidia
This Phoroncidia, body length up to about 3mm, height 4mm, is widespread in coastal South East Queensland. Its range is coastal Australia from Cape York in Queensland to Victoria and it has been observed in Perth. The abdomen ranges from pinks to whites to orange, brown and black and has a... 

Phoroncidia sp

Phoroncidia sp. Flattened Phoroncidia with small central peak
Body length about 2mm. Large, solid, glazed and bumpy abdomen, tiny cephalothorax. The abdomen is rather flattish with small central peak.  

Phoroncidia sp

Phoroncidia sp. Phoroncidia silver-sided 'fatback'
The silver-sided 'fatback' is common on Enoggera Creek. Body length of the male about 1.8mm, female about 2.5mm. The female's abdomen tends to be somewhat peaked. They are marked with silvery scales on the sides of the abdomen, and often have yellow areas on the underneath of the abdomen near the... 


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