Hadrotarsinae includes Anatea, Audifia, Dipoena, Dipoenata, Emertonella, Euryopis, Eurypoena, Gmogala, Guaraniella, Hadrotarsus, Lasaeola, Trigonobothrys, Yaginumena and Yoroa.

Araneus sp acuminatas/poltyoides group

'Argyrodes' binotatus Rainbow, 1915
This is actually one of the few described species of Hadrotarsines, currently incorrectly placed in Argyrodes as 'Argyrodes binotatus'. It will move to a new genus.  


Atkinsonia spp. Flattish Hadrotarsine with central bump
This species, or group of species, has a body length of up to 3mm in females, up to 2mm in males, has a generally flattish abdomen with a central bump and a turreted cephalothorax. Hickman's Atkinsonia petricola is a good match but is only found further south.  

Hadrotarsine H1 cf Trigonobothrys Hickman

cf Trigonobothrys Hickman
This is an undescribed Australian genus and species related to what Hickman called Trigonobothrys. Small, female body length about 1.8mm.  


Common Hadrotarsine
This is one of the more common, but still undescribed, Theridiids in the subfamily Hadrotarsinae. It is found sometimes on fence palings in small messy webs. Its prey includes ants. Thanks to Helen Smith for help with ID. Female body length about 1-2mm, males about 1mm.  


Emertonella sp Bark-dwelling Emertonella
A common bark dwelling Euryopis/Emertonella body length to about 6mm females, 5mm males, recognisable by the silver and copper design in a V... 

Euryopis elegans ore related species

'Euryopis' sp. cf elegans Keyserling, 1890
These spiders, called here 'Euryopis' sp. are a group of similar species some of which have not been described. It is difficult to tell them... 

Euryopis superba

Euryopis superba (Rainbow, 1896) Bark-dwelling Euryopis
A small to medium bark dweller in subfamily Hadrotarsinae in inland Australia and on the east coast (probably Australia wide) on vegetation. in 1896 Rainbow described the female as Pachygnatha superba but there is no described male despite it being very common and easily found. Rain... 


Miniturreted Black Hadrotarsine
This jet black Hadrotarsine, body length about 1.8mm, has a small turreted head and slender pointy pedipalps.  


Nondescript Hadrotarsine
A Theridiid from Venman Park Bushland.  


Phycosoma sp. (cf Dipoena)
This hadrotarsine theridiid has distinctive pattern of black and white on the upper surface of the abdomen. The cephalothorax is dark brown to black, legs brown with clear sections, somewhat striped in the sub-adult male. The egg chamber is a roughly conical structure, about 3.5mm tall, with... 

Dipoena sp

Phycosoma sp. (ex Dipoena)
Mascord in his 1980 field guide shows a male with a body length about 2mm as Dipoena sp. He writes that these spiders prey almost exclusively... 


Phycosoma sp. (ex Dipoena)
Cephalothorax clearish, indented rough U shape on carapace, some forward pointing hairs, large strongly sclerotised palps, black and white or grey and white abdomen. Body length about 1-2mm, mostly <2mm. Some darker banding on the femurs. Very compact, nearly half as high as long.  


Phycosoma sp. cf Dipoena
These specimens may be the same as others displayed in this section, or quite possibly a separate species. These specimens grouped here are... 

Hadrotarsine D1x genus

Small, undescribed Hadrotarsine
This small Hadrotarsine is one of many genera awaiting description.  


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