A number of Theridiid genera are not assigned to any subfamily. This is not because groups can never be established - this is a very populous family with only a few workers world-wide, so progress is difficult. Anelosimus in particular represents in itself a group of sorts, as it is social in most situations.

Anelosimus sp? cf crassipes

Anelosimus sp. cf crassipes Fat-thighed Anelosimus
This spider looks like Anelosimus crassipes from Korea and Japan and Southeast Asia except for the suggested size (ours is a little smaller). They have been observed laying in July, some of these specimens with egg sacs they were carrying, have slimmed down. The others (larger, fatter)... 


Anelosimus spp. which actually include Theridion (Tobesoa) theridioides, some Anelosimus and an unknown genus
A number of medium-sized Theridiids, usually between 2-4mm, sometimes larger, may belong to the genus Anelosimus, known elsewhere but not yet... 


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